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Welcome to K C Building Services (Midlands) Ltd... a new look 'K C'. People who are familiar with us associate us with the 'bricks'. Everybody knows the red brick logo on the company van. Well..... We felt that its time for a change – we 've modernised ourselves, we've grown up. We've kept an element of the brick theme just so we are still KC as people know us but, we think, we've improved our look.

Last year, at the end of July, our company was 10 years old and we've had the red bricks logo since day one, but we feel now is the time to freshen ourselves up a little.

Our business wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for the people we have been connected with over the years of our existence. Clients, Suppliers, Associates and colleagues have all played their part in establishing KC and they all deserve respect for their part played. So thank you to you all. Without you, we wouldn't still be going strong after nearly 11 years.

Competition is high in our industry and we aim to put ourselves on another level, make ourselves stand out from the rest. Our aim is to always please and to have our customers best interests at heart – not only by giving them the type of service and high quality finished product they expect and deserve, but also from an economical and financial side also. We spend our clients' money like it was our own. With respect and value for money being the main criteria.

Whenever we look at a new project, our first thought is 'How can we get this dream of theirs built within their budget' We desperately want to steer away from the 'Builder' name and portray a more professional image. An image of which people's perspective of the said character.

We want to provide a service of which people can rely on and trust. A lot of people do not trust 'builders' because of the bad image they have given themselves. Too many builders have let people down and we aim to change.

So we formally invite you to browse through our website to discover what we at K C, are all about and to see how we hope to prove ourselves as different to your average builder.

About Us

KC Building Services (Midlands) Ltd was created in 2003. We never change our pricing structure, in accordance with the economic trend, nor do we inflate prices, during busier times.

We work on the basis on a standard rate, so customers know exactly where they stand. Basically, we don't 'rip' people off during busy times. We genuinely care about what customer think and their best interests at our hearts.

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Keep In Touch

KC Building Services (Midlands) Ltd is always contactable. We have landline, mobile and email, all of which you are able to get in touch with ourselves, at any time, to discuss your proposed, current or past project.

Please do not hesitate to contact, in any form you are comfortable with, and we will respond immediately.

We would also appreciate any feedback you may have.

Contact Us

Kier Cartledge

K C Building Services (Midlands) Ltd
-Registered Office-
12 Cross Lane
Codnor, Ripley, Derbyshire

Tel: 01773 747281
Mob: 07977 185433
Email: info@kcbuildingservices.com

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